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My Best Images of 2010

I decided to do a year in review type post and reflect on some of my favorite images of 2010. 2010 was an exciting year for me, I branched out into new areas of visual arts by shooting my first music video and completing a year long time lapse project titled Backyard Magic.

Even though I venture into new areas of expression, I always come back to the still, a moment captured in time, or a multiple moments in time compressed into a single frame. I captured over 10,000 moments in 2010, here are my personal favorites.

Fog Rolls into the Bay

Lily the Eskimo

iPhone Image Texas Storm

Mist of Big Sur

McWay at Dusk

The Walk - 2nd place Adorama iPhone Contest

Birth of a Water Fairy

I didn't do it daddy!

Droplets of Sun

Dan MacFarlane - Wall Ride to Nose Grind

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