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Plastic Bullet Review

I love iPhone photography and especially toy camera/lo-fi iPhone photography. Using the iPhone, small and compact like some kind of futuristic 110 camera, when combined with iPhone apps like Hipstamatic, Lo-Mob or Camera Bag can not only feel like you are back in the 1980s shooting a Holga but actually produce images that look a lot like toy cameras as well.

Lily Resting iPhone image processed with Red Giant Plastic Bullet

The latest entry into the toy camera emulation market is from Red Giant software, the makers of the great Magic Bullet video processing software, and it is called Plastic Bullet. Even though it is a little late to the game it is an impressive entry. Simple to use with results that are very pleasing to the eye.

White Square Lily processed with Plastic Bullet

The operation is fairly straight forward. Like most apps you can take a photo in the app or choose from your library.

A quick tip, I always shoot images using the default camera app, it is generally quicker, and you can take many images quickly.

Once you select an image you are presented with 4 versions of the image. If you don’t like any of them just click on the circle arrow and you are given 4 more versions. If you do like one click on it, it gets larger and then click on the heart icon and you can save it to your photo library. Real simple operation with impressive results.

Flapper processed with Plastic Bullet

The one downside I have found is that it saves in a reduced resolution 600×800, I have heard the developer is updating to save at full resolution.

Update: I asked Stu Maschwitz, one of the developers of Plastic Bullet, on Twitter about upgrading to save at full resolution and his answer was simple and direct “Hell yes”

Bottom line Plastic Bullet is awesome! The images are dreamy plasticy and lovely. If you like the toy camera look this is the app to get.

Go grab a copy of Plastic Bullet from the iTunes Store

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